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From Serving Iowa Elders for Over 20 Years

An Introduction to Elder Concerns, L.C. Blogging Styles and Formats

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As any reader will soon notice, Mary Alice and I (Pamela) have different opinions, writing styles, reading habits, and movie and television watching norms.  Our strengths and weaknesses are different and we feel that we work together and complement each other well.  Our likes and dislikes in the work environment are also very different.  All of these differences will show up as we begin to really put time and energy into this blog site.  Hopefully you as the reader will like seeing the differences between us and our unique perspectives on the world in which we live and how that impacts our lives as we grow older.  We enjoy working with each other and with the clients that we serve.  We also enjoy other activities in life and will share those enjoyments with you in these posts.  I also predict that you will be able to read about our disappointments in the services, systems, and opportunities available to seniors and how we hope that these negative aspects of being a senior can be changed for the better.  Stay tuned for our blogs as we hope to be informative, uplifting, and/or thought-provoking about life as a senior in Iowa.

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