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We like books a lot.  I even have a theory, completely without any substantiating evidence, that reading helps the brain in ways we don’t understand.  The simple act of moving the eyes back and forth repetitively while thinking, aka reading, is remarkably similar to Hypnosis and EMDR (eye movement desensitivization and reprocessing therapy), a current star among trauma treatments.

Books give us both information and the pace to integrate that information into the rest of our thoughts.  Most everything we could want to learn is in some book out there.  When we veer from non-fiction into the world of imagination, there are no limits.  We can put ourselves in the shoes of anyone, anywhere, past, present, and even future.  The depth of wisdom we can get from vicarious experience is phenomenal.  It is one way we mature as individuals.  It seems to me especially beneficial that reading gives our brains the time to process what we read.  In my opinion, this makes reading intrinsically superior to other forms of “infotainment.”

We are living in an age of multi-media entertainment.  Personally, during my first decade of life, I saw only one Hollywood movie, Mary Poppins.  On television, I suffered though plenty of boring football yardage awaiting the animated Hamm’s Beer bear.  Captain Kangaroo was actually spellbinding.  Real entertainment was in the back yard, not on a video screen.  Our current crop of kids watches hours of entertainment daily, mostly created for just their age groups and interests.  Unfortunately, these kids also see images that are likely damaging to their age-based development.  All of us now have access to enough entertainment to educate and amuse us 24/7 for the rest of our lives.  It is a mindboggling shift in how we receive information and experience life.

When we first started talking about doing a blog, we wanted to share books and other entertainment with you.  So here we go . . .

Non-fiction for reference

We have a long list of recommendations written last year.  Now that the blog has begun, we want to watch our list of movies again and add some notes as we share them with you.


Are We Having Too Much Fun?