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I’ll Be Me

I’ll Be Me is the autobiographical account of musician Glen Campbell’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and his remarkable final concert tour.  Glen Campbell, his wife, and his musical family has given us a wonderful and generous gift.  This film rings very true to our experiences with early-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease.  Mr. Campbell allows us to observe his failing memory and inability to concentrate with genuine candor.  The film reminds us of all the marvelous music the Rhinestone Cowboy sang when most of us were focused on the Stones and Beatles.  We are stunned by his ability to continue to perform in top form in major venues while so sufficiently impaired he had to be reminded to stay within the circle drawn for him on stage, lest he wander into the audience to have a chat with someone mid-song.  We can marvel at his professional musicianship despite impairment and how deftly his family and supporters helped him continue to live his life “to the last minute.”   In many forms of dementia, music continues to be a mode of communication when routine speech malfunctions.  Apparently music knowledge and skills are stored in many cerebral locations, allowing people to sing when they can’t speak and sway to the beat when otherwise immobile.  There is nothing sad about this movie, other than illness sucks and life is never long enough.